Five points to discuss with patients prior to hereditary cancer screening

You have limited time with your patients but want to give them all the information they need before they decide whether to undergo genetic screening for hereditary cancer. In this video, an Oncology Genetic Counselor offers her advice on the 5 key topics to address with your patients.


Patient Conversation Deeper Dives

You may want to consider preparing patients ahead of time for the possible results they may receive from genetic testing, which can make the ultimate disclosure of results easier. This short video offers advice on how to help patients understand the three possible results they may receive: Negative, negative with variants of uncertain significance, or positive.

Discussing what might be done with the results of hereditary cancer screening can help patients make the decisions about whether or not they want to proceed. Watch now for tips on helping patients understand how the information they’ll get from screening can help them make more informed choices to improve their health.

As a provider, you can help your patients come to the decision that is right for them regarding hereditary cancer screening by giving them relevant information and the time they need to feel comfortable with whatever decision they make. This video offers  a concise summary of how to discuss both the risks and benefits of genetic screening.


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